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Jim Stewart was born in Scotland, but has lived most of his life in New Brunswick, one of Canada's Maritime Provinces. He is an original member of the folk group Hal An Tow. He composed and recorded a folk opera called The Marco Polo Suite, inspired by the famous 19th-century tall ship built in Saint John, NB. Jim's original music has appeared in printed collections from Minnesota, California, Maine and North Carolina, and has been performed and recorded by others, from Canada, the US, Australia, Armenia and the UK. He has also written music specifically for television and theatre, and has produced albums by other artists

Jim is the proud recipient of a
Mandy Award for music

Jim's music has been performed by other artists:

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In 2002, in partnership with Opera New Brunswick, an extended multi-media production of The Marco Polo Suite was presented at the Imperial Theatre in Saint John, NB. Co-produced by Jim Stewart and Gary Chase, of Epcom Communications, this folk opera employed the talents of
many outstanding musicians and singers from New Brunswick and neighbouring Maine. 

Narration was provided by the distinguished Canadian actor R. H. Thomson. 

Christine Chase, teacher and violinist with Symphony New Brunswick, arranged scores for the Saint John String Quartet, who formed part of the musical ensemble. Christine has since revised and expanded her adaptations and has released them in published form. Details can be found on the Epcom Music Group’s website (link above).

                                         Glenn Jenks 1947-2016 R.I.P.
Jim Stewart: The Marco Polo Suite
Jim Stewart: Horses of the Wind
Jim Stewart: Dancing With Maggie